Steinhauer ModCenter

Modifications Made Easy
The ModCenter specializes in panel and enclosure modifications, producing professional, repeatable holes and cuts each and every time.

Steinhauer ModCenter Difference

Located within Simcona’s warehouse, the Steinhauer ModCenter is the most versatile automated modification solution on the market today. Specializing in panel and enclosure modifications, the Steinhauer ModCenter is best known for its:

  • Ability to produce precise holes and cutouts that even a skilled hand can’t match
  • Best-in-Class Cutting Speeds
  • Repeated Precision
  • Enclosure Size Handling Capability

Why our customers love it

The Steinhauer ModCenter offers our customers many benefits including:  

  • Order flexibility
  • Shortened lead times
  • Convenience
  • Ability to make last minute changes on custom enclosures
  • Ability to create one-off or small batch orders

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