Old Castle Enclosure

Old Castle Enclosure

In 2007, Oldcastle Enclosure Solutions (OES) united the people and products of Carson®, Christy® and Synertech®. Combined, the Carson, Christy and Synertech brands possess over 100 years of prestige and experience.

Known worldwide as one of the most innovative and largest manufacturers of enclosure products produced from plastics, polymers and concrete, OES uses leading-edge technology to design, manufacture and supply enclosure products for the protection of municipal water, irrigation, electric, telecommunications, cable and transportation infrastructures.

With patented materials and manufacturing methods, OES creates products with an exceptional lifespan, that are highly durable when exposed to sunlight, water and chemicals. OES offers multiple manufacturing processes—structural foam molding, rotational molding, high pressure injection, wet cast concrete, dry cast concrete and polymer concrete molding—to produce a broad spectrum of enclosure products.

To best serve our customers, OES has 12 strategically located Distribution Centers in Oregon, California (4), Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio and Canada.

A division of Oldcastle Precast and CRH America, Oldcastle Precast Enclosure Solutions is headquartered in Auburn, Washington.

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