Kolver USA

Kolver USA

Kolver Summer Promotion 2020

Manufacturing is coming back strong and we want to do our part by offering
incredible savings on our industry leading fastening systems. Act now to get the
following savings and benefits!

• 15% off ALL K-Ducer, NATO, MITO & PLUTO series electric screwdrivers
and controllers!

• 2 year or 1.5 million cycle extended warranty!
• Net 60 day payment terms!


• Industry 4.0 compiant
• 0.88 – 132 inch.lb torque range (model dependent)
• Transducer based DC fastening system.
• Comes with FREE ISO1705 3rd party calibration certification.
• $5,999 standard system price is now $5,099 including screwdriver, cable
and controller).
• High quality construction: Italian made with high Swiss motor and
reinforced German gear set.

How Do I Take Advantage Of This Deal?

Please contact your Simcona Representative for more information regarding this deal referencing code: KPROMO20 for more details. Valid through August 31st, 2020.

Not sure how to reach your Simcona Representative, no problem! Contact us directly and we can provide details! infonow@simcona.com

KolverUSA is a subsidiary of Kolver S.r.l. of Thiene, Italy. Founded in 1989, KOLVER quickly became well established in both the European and North American markets by providing the highest quality products on the market combined with exceptional customer support. Thousands of state-of-the-art drivers are produced every year in Italy and then shipped to more than 30 Countries worldwide. Product innovation, rigorous respect for man and his environment and fast and accurate service have been the key factors of KOLVER’s success.  




PLUTO® (PLUs TOrque) screwdrivers represent a real revolution in the assembly market. Totally designed and manufactured in Europe by KOLVER, PLUTO® tools can reach 442 in/lbs with a repeatability of +/-5% with a unique electronic torque control system. 

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Controllers EDU Series:


All Kolver screwdrivers work in combination with a control unit acting as an AC to DC transformer and torque controller. The electronic control circuit cuts the power supply to the motor as soon as the pre-set torque has been reached. The EDU1FR control units for FAB and RAF screwdrivers feature a maintenance free state-of-the-art electronics with no wearing components

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