International Components Corp

International Components Corp

International Components Corporation (ICC) has been supplying components to the Electronics Industry for over 25 years. Our company offers a diversified range of products that fall into the following two categories:

  • Intervox – Audible Devices
  • Intercap – Capacitors

The Intervox and Intercap product lines were designed primarily for use in original equipment manufacturing (OEM). Our objective is to supply high quality, reliable components to these manufacturers and to provide the design engineer with a wide variety of components for their new product designs.

Since no single device has the capability of filling every requirement, it has been our goal to offer design engineers a breadth of choice. In virtually every new application, there is a need to consider frequency, sound output, voltage range, power consumption, tone mode, mounting, and termination. From the quiet zones in many institutions to the harsh clatter of industrial plants, Intervox has the sound you require. Our wide variety of magnetic transducers, piezo alarms, solid state buzzers, and miniature speakers can provide your solution.

To complement our audible line, Intervox also offers a range of electret condenser microphones in omnidirectional, unidirectional, MEMS and noise canceling types.

Our sales and engineering departments are located in Bohemia, New York. In addition, we have established a network of Sales Representatives and Industrial Distributors throughout the United States and Canada. In recent years, we have made our products available worldwide with representatives and distributors in key market areas.

To assist our customers and distributors with “JIT” delivery programs, our Bohemia, New York warehouse maintains component inventories necessary to meet their needs and the market’s demand.

We are cognizant of the ever-changing nature of the electronics business and endeavor to keep up with the Industry’s new designs. Furthermore, we maintain strict quality standards, which are accepted worldwide.

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