Hilec / Delfingen

Hilec / Delfingen

Hilec, LLC is a leading manufacturer of coated fiberglass sleeving and related products for use in electric motors, generators, transformers, lighting devices and wiring harnesses.

Hilec produces vinyl, acrylic, and silicone rubber coated sleeving as well as heat- cleaned glass and saturated grades. The products are called out for use in a wide selection of UL Insulation Systems. In addition to the traditional coated glass sleeving, Hilec also produces unsupported silicone rubber tubing and expandable monofilament sleeving in several materials including FR grades.

Hilec is the leading producer of Ultra-Violet light cured acrylic sleeving. This patented process, acknowledged by the U.S. Dept. of Energy for its low energy consumption, yields high quality products that are UL recognized for use in all types of electrical devices. The high line speeds of this process have allowed Hilec to substantially increase production of acrylic coated sleeving.

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