The Enerdoor Group is an international leader in the development and production of electromagnetic solutions for automated and industrial machinery. The Group’s broad range of products includes RFI filters, motor protection, passive and active harmonic filters, surge arresters, line reactors, voltage stabilizers, and customized solutions.

In pursuit of its mission to deliver the most advanced technology for EMC solutions, Enerdoor has built a global distribution and research and development network and additionally offers on-site CE testing required by current IEC and EN Standards. Enerdoor’s products can be used to provide solutions in the following markets:

OEM Markets

  • Automated Machinery
  • Machine Tool
  • Packaging
  • Renewable Energy
  • Solar / Wind
  • Power Rectification
    • UPS
    • Electric Vehicle
    • Charging Solutions
    • AC/DC Converting

End Users Markets

  • Process Plant
  • Industrial Plant

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