Desco primarily manufactures ESD control products in facilities in Chino, CA; Canton, MA; Miami, FL; Sanford, NC; Rochester, NH; and Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK.  A network of manufacturer’s reps offers sales and technical support in most states. In addition, customer service personnel handle worldwide inquiries and sales. 

Included within the Desco brand are ESD and EMIT. 

ESD Systems offers products for ESD control used in the electronics production industry. Products offered by ESD Systems include vacuum sealers, floor mats, aisle marking tape, gloves, sticky mats, ionizers, workstation monitors and ESD audit equipment. 

EMIT manufactures ESD control products including monitors, ionizers, testers, verification equipment and software for ESD Control Plan management. EMIT’s products are made in the USA at Desco Industries, Inc. locations.

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