Carling Technologies Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers

Carling Technologies offers a complete line of Circuit Protection products. These include Hydraulic Magnetic, Thermal and Equipment Leakage & Ground Fault Circuit Breakers. 

Carling Technologies is a Premier Supplier to Simcona Electronics. Simcona is proud to showcase our accessibility to all of Carling’s Circuit Protection series!

G-Series DIN Rail Mounted Circuit Breaker

  • Easy DIN Rail Installation with Lock
  • Self-Cleaning Wiping Contacts for Longevity
  • Finger Safe Terminals
  • UL 489 Listed: 1 to 3 poles; 1-50 Amps, 125VDC, 240VAC
  • UL 1077 Recognized: 1 to 4 poles; 0.1-63 Amps, 80VDC, 240VAC/480VAC
  • Integrated Auxiliary Switch for Status Indication
Additionally, the option for an integrated auxiliary switch with plug-in terminal allows for an internal connector providing greater flexibility for pre-wiring and easy interchangeability. 

CX-Series Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breaker

  •  Ideal for High DC Voltage Applications
  • 1-5 Poles
  • Ratings from 1-125 Amps, Up to 600VDC
  • Compact Size with Handle Actuator
  • UL 489, UL 489B, UL 1077 and TUV EN60947-2

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M-Series Mini Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breaker


  • 1-2 Poles
  • Space Saving Design
  • Ratings from 0.02-50 Amps, Up to 80VDC, 250VAC
  • Illuminated Option Available
  • Bushing or Snap-In Mounting
  • Rocker or Toggle Actuation Styles
  • UL Recognized & CSA Accepted
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