Bryant Manufacturing of WNY has been doing business for over 50 years. They are a true job shop. They can offer quality, value and service by delivering superior products, on Their Our state of the art CNC machines and inspection equipment allows them to hold tight tolerance to +/- .0005. Their knowledgeable machinists can help us streamline your project from conception and design thru production and assembly to reach your finished product.

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Arc Fault Receptacles

  • Helps to protect against electrical fires originating from Arcing Faults.

LED Nightlight Wiring Devices

  • Combines the function of a wiring device with the convenience of a nightlight.
  • Energy efficient, consuming between 0.5-1 Watt.

CIRCUITPRO® Self Test Ground Fault Receptacles

  • Continually test and monitor for “people protection capability” automatically
  • Disconnecting power to the receptacle if critical
    components are damaged