The world is growing more and more connected with an explosion of links from human to human, human to machine, and machine to machine. And, as more connections are created, the networks they form become increasingly vital to our daily lives and our long-term goals.

But, with more connectivity comes more complexity. As the machines, processors and systems that power our world become more sophisticated, the people who design, build and maintain them need a partner with perspective that spans technology platforms, geographies, and industries.

That’s why Belden is on a path to assemble a portfolio of best-in-class communication technology brands. As a part of Belden, their brands benefit from over a century of excellence in manufacturing to the highest standards, and they’re able to share innovations and thought leadership across the organization to stay ahead of the competition.

Our customers across all our brands can rely on what they build to outperform and outlast in the most demanding conditions, and they know that we’ll support them with uncompromising and responsive service. And, their employees gain the stability and opportunities that come from being a part of a global leader on the rise.

They are greater than the sum of their parts. They prove it by adding expertise and resourcefulness that goes above and beyond product performance. They prove it through their focus on the applications and markets that are most in-demand from industrial IT, to industrial connectivity, to enterprise connectivity, and broadcast. They prove it through continually optimizing our portfolio of technologies, capabilities and brands to create the strongest connections possible.

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