Atkins & Pearce

Atkins & Pearce

Atkins & Pearce, Inc. (est. 1817) is a leading manufacturer of braided technical textiles based in Covington, Kentucky. We produce and process industrial cordage and twine, coated insulation sleeving, tubing, expandable sleeving, lacing tapes, tie cords, candlewick, and custom braided textile products. We offer our clients 200 years of fiber technology expertise and the most advanced textile processing capabilities on the market. We establish strong partnerships with clients that are founded on collaborating to achieve your growth goals.

Atkins & Pearce celebrates a long and rich heritage of caring for our employees and our business partners. We are a 7th generation, family-owned business that has thrived for nearly 200 years. Our commitment to integrity, candid communication, reliable service, and domestic production of quality products is what has allowed us to remain an industry leader for centuries.

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