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This 1.3 MP FPD-Link™ III camera is a fully-validated, rugged camera module featuring the OmniVision® OV10640 image sensor. It is validated for thermal, electrical, and mechanical performance and is ready for production in automotive and performance-critical industrial applications. It has superior thermal characteristics and was designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Use in evaluation or production systems.

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1–2 Weeks

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Available starting at quantity of 100. Contact Simcona.

Compatible Hardware

DesignCore® RVP-TDA3x Development Kit w/4GHz FPD-Link™ III
SKU: 1000730

DesignCore®NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier FPD-Link III Interface Card SKU: 1000971


  • OmniVision® OV10640 Image Sensor
  • FPD-Link™ III camera with DS90UB953A Serializer
  • Very small size
  • Ultra-lightweight (<10 g excluding lens)
  • Perfect camera axis alignment
  • 194 degree and 52 degree lens options
  • Resolution: 1280 x 1080 @ 60fps
  • Formats: 3x12b RAW, PWL, 20b linear combined
  • Superior thermal characteristics
  • Designed for harsh environmental conditions
  • Designed to IP69K, IP67, automotive, and industrial standards.
  • Fully validated and ready for deployment in volume production in automotive and industrial applications


  • Automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Camera Surround View and Backup Camera Monitoring Systems
  • Mirror Replacement
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Industrial Autonomous Vehicles
  • Unattended Surveillance
  • Process Automation
  • Machine Vision


Read the DesignCore D3RCM-OV10640-953 Rugged Camera Module Data Sheet for additional information and product specifications.

SKU (52 FOV): 1000508

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