Corporate Values

Corporate Values
Our values Drive Customer Success

Simcona Electronics Corporation practices and exhibits the following corporate values daily to drive customer success:



Feeling and exhibiting concern and empathy for others. Activities are carried out with sincerity and an authentic consideration for those around you.

Collaborate For Success:

Value the opportunity to work as a part of a team to achieve our personal and corporate goals. Working without collaboration may yield results however, functioning as an entity yields success.


Courageous innovation through seeing challenges as opportunities and using ones resourcefulness to embrace change in an imaginative and flexible way.

Deliver On Expectations:

With selfless devotion of time and energy, give the best in world class service to achieve excellence each passing day.


Maintaining moral code and preserving cultural integrity by exhibiting leadership, honest communication, compassion, directness and respect.


The feeling of belonging to something greater than oneself and the devotion to that allegiance. Protection of the unbreakable bond built on trust and commitment.


Passion is contagious, so when you transfer your passion, the people around you start to absorb your energy. They begin to perform better. Being on the job no longer seems like work. They become more proactive, more willing to work as a team and more optimistic.


A pledge to those around you and oneself to take ownership of how activities are carried out and face both positive and negative consequences with a progressive mindset.

Be A Forward Thinker:

The ability to anticipate the wants and needs of those around you. To proactively provide ideas, solutions and maintain the will to progress even when faced with misfortune.

Support the Corporate Culture:

Come to the workplace with an energy and attitude that is contagious for success. Encourage the achievement of co-workers and uphold the commitment to drive customer success.

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