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Simcona Electronics Corporation

Simcona is your supply chain partner delivering engineering, sourcing, procurement, logistics, inventory management, and manufacturing services.

Why Simcona? We save you time and money.

Working to deliver your products to market in this hyper-competitive, no room for error world? Simcona is here to help.

For over 50 years, Simcona has served as a trusted partner for sourcing electro-mechanical components for manufacturing companies across the United States (see what our customer say!)

Our staff of engineers and supply chain consultants have the knowledge and experience to specify, source, negotiate price, assure quality, and deliver when you need it in the quantities that you need, those components, cables and assemblies that are in your bill of materials.

Engineering Services, electronic, mechanical, power, cable, and component engineers ready to help you specify the best components for your product.

Supply Chain Services, to augment and extend your internal teams and bring 50 years of experience in helping to move goods from raw materials to final product.

  1. Sourcing – to help you find primary and secondary sources for your components and assemblies that make up your bills of materials and meet your specifications.
    Procurement – with an extensive supply network, we can source, negotiate, and purchase on your behalf the materials you need for your products, services, and indirect costs.
  2. Logistics Support Team, to help get you the components, cables and wire, and panel assemblies when you need it, and delivered where you need it, and in the quantities that you need. We have warehouse and kitting services to help balance your logistics and production schedules. We work to eliminate the possibilities of a component shortage that could bring your production line to a screeching halt!
  3. Inventory Management – including:
    1. Warehousing – we can store your inventory in our 50,000 square foot environmentally controlled warehouse, until you need it for manufacturing
    2. Order Fulfillment – Simcona will receive, process, and deliver inventory and provide valuable services like picking, kitting, packing, insuring, and shipping.
    3. Manufacturing Services – (electrical enclosures & panel assemblies, bulk cable & wire), make versus buy opportunity, assembly of a subassembly or final product.

A few specialties

  • Cable & Wire, Simcona can buy and/or build cable and wire to your unique requirements, in any quantity from prototypes to full production, and delivered to meet your production schedules.
  • Electrical Panels and Panel Assemblies, Simcona can design, optimize for manufacturing and service, document, customize enclosures, assemble, test, and deliver electrical panels for controls, switching, power routing, safety, and more.
  • Electronic & Mechanical Components & Assemblies, for over 50 years, Simcona has been the on place you can go to source, purchase, and deliver the raw materials, components and assemblies that go into your product
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Simcona is privately held and family-owned and operated under President and CEO, Marc Iacona.

A Note from Marc Iacona

“In a world defined by its ever-rising demand for innovative services and products, Simcona is constantly evolving; expanding upon product lines and services, while staying up to date on the latest trends.  Rather than using a one-size-fits-all mentality, our goal is to drive our customers success by being the innovative solutions provider for each customer.


Our expertise combined with our flexibility and ability to specialize on our customers individual needs are what continues to set us apart in the marketplace today, tomorrow and throughout the next century.”


-Marc Iacona
President  & Chief Executive Officer
Simcona Electronics Corporation

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